The Best Poker Apps for Your iOS Device

Let’s be honest; most people live their lives online. They use their phones(some way too much). It is only natural, that you would want to find an app, so you play your favourite poker game too. That is why we are using today to discuss the must-have apps for online poker playing. One thing we will tell you is not to download most of the apps unless you are ready to play for real money. Wait until you have mastered poker(to some degree) before you download it. The last thing you want is to start playing for real money without knowing you are doing it. That has happened to poker players before.

1) Appeak Poker

According to many poker players, this app should be number one. The first reason is that it comes with an easy interface. One great aspect of the app is that it has a “play now” feature. That means you get to jump right in without waiting. Players like the idea of facing off against one another. The other thing is you get t to represent the country you live in at the same time. You have pure poker fun with this app. Other apps have a lot of clutter and it is hard to move around to find what you want. This app strips all the guesswork away. The three main things you get are a table, cards, and the chatbox for communicating. Other poker apps try to sell you things you do not want or need including chips and other games. Most players come to play poker. They are not interested in BlackJack and Roulette. They would go to those sites if they were. Another great thing about this app is it comes with a leadership board. Some players play poker because they want to have fun. Others play because they want to challenge themselves. Let’s be real here. Many poker players want to compete and take down the other person. That is what makes the app so great. It pleases both parties.

2) SnapShove

This is more of a tool than a game. However, you should not discount it right away. The app has a great deal going for it. Players like to improve their shove and folding ranges. The app helps out with that. The app has a bare-bones approach. According to some poker players, more apps should have a stripped-down approach. There is both a free and paid version. The free version comes with shoving calculators for 9 and 6 hands. You also get training. The paid version comes with more hand and training options. You will have to pay $15 for the added features. It depends on your needs as to which one you choose.

3) Politaire

Yes, you heard me correctly. Are you looking for something mindless to do? It combines both Poker and Solitaire(hence the name). The end goal of the game is to get five-card hands. You play all 52 cards while getting rid of three cards at a time. It is not hard to learn as long as you know how both games are played. It is fun and you do not have to think too much. It is similar to coming home after a long day’s work and watching mindless tv.

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4) The World Poker Club

This is the third one on the list to pay attention to. It is your standard poker app, but there is one feature that stands out the most. There is a gesture system. You get the regular buttons and a touch-based system into one. You will have to download the nagware, but the upside is the gesture system. It gives you a break from the regular poker playing apps. The only downside to the app is many see it as just an average app. It is the gesture system that raises the bar.

5) Jackpot Poker

This option comes from Poker Stars. Some of you might know the app by its other name, Poker Stars Play. The main aspect of the app is the three-player option. Have you ever played Spin and Go on the PokerStar’s site? It is the real money option. Then, this should be familiar to you. Players do get options for cash games, but the emphasis is placed on JackPot. This app is great for those who want to learn poker strategies. The reason is that you learn how to read players. You have to develop the reads to win. This is not an app where you sit back and wait for a strong hand. You have to earn the pocket Kings and Aces. That is what makes this app different from the others. You can sit at the tables and do the non-toxic emotes, but that is not where the action is. That is not where the money is. Jackpot Poker is where energy lives. It is like living in a small town where nothing happens expecting something to happen, and your life to change. You have to go where things happen if you want your life to change. It is a similar vernacular with the JackPot Poker app.