The Best Slot Games For Your iOS Device

When it comes to online casinos one game remains more popular than all the rest. That is, of course, the king of all casino games for decades the slot machine. Perhaps, the popularity of the slot machine is the fact that it doesn’t take understanding the rules of the game, it is just knowing the lines of play placing your wager than spinning the reels. Nothing could be simpler. When the technology brought about the iPhone as a desire to be able to play this popular casino game while out and about led to numerous forms of slot machine apps being created for download. As to which ones are the most popular and why let’s take a closer look. Keep in mind though, that because these slot machine games are designed for casinos these are recommended for ages 21 and older.

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1. Golden HoYeah

For those looking for the thrill and fun of playing the slots without earning any money this one is considered the gold standard. Based on actual slots found in Asian casinos the games offer fantastic realistic graphics. Some of these slots that are offered in Golden HoYeah are Rooster 88, Hello Doggy, Fortune Panda, and Fortune Tree.

2. Pharaoh’s Way

Take a trip to ancient Egypt with this stunning slot machine game app. Pharaoh’s Way offers several modems of play with various lines and reels in which to choose from. Different ways in which to win, plus bonuses as well.

3. Cashmania Slots

Looking for an authentic Las Vegas Slot Machine experience look no further than Cashmania. Developed by Vegas Funcity this one was voted one of the best free slot games for mobile use. Cashmania offers numerous different games for you to choose from. The game also offers tournaments in which players can challenge other players. Another great feature is that you can collect an extra coin for free during every hour of play.

4. Titan’s Wrath

Be transported to Greek and Egyptian Mythology with this slot machine games package. You can journey under the sea, or experience the story of Aladdin, along with several other variations of incredible animation that provides the Titan theme. There are few drawbacks though, one of which is the payouts may not be a great as some other download games, but the second one makes up for this the game is addictive in its fun.

5. Pirates of the Deep Seas

Offers one of the highest amounts of payouts currently being offered for mobile download to an IOS device. But this is only the beginning of what makes Pirates of the Deep Seas so popular. It is a swashbuckling adventure for those who love pirate themes. The game offers incredible graphics and can be played even without going online.

6. Viva Slots Vegas

Time for another trip to the Vegas Strip, this time with Viva Slots Vegas that gives players a chance to play some of the classic slot machine games. This one can also be played offline and has various modes of play. Plus there are new slot machine games that are added weekly. Helping the player to always have new games in which to play and enjoy.

7. Wizard of OZ

A fun-filled slot machine game based on the beloved classic movie the Wizard of OZ. See the iconic characters such as Dorothy, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion. Experience different modes of play and receive incredible bonuses. The game offers an option to play with friends online and to play alone offline.

8. The Walking Dead

Based on the popular zombie theme TV series this game offers fans an opportunity to be a part of the action. The game features various memorable moments from the series, along with an option to take on other players. The game also offers other features including mini-games to keep the fun going.

9. Gold Fish

Take an undersea adventure and have a whole lot of fun with this slot machine game. It offers free coins every two hours and a progressive jackpot that keeps growing. One of the biggest differences with Gold Fish that makes it so popular is that players can play at a premium level for free. The game offers well over 140 different types of games in which to experience, have fun and win big playing.

10. Monopoly Slots

The popular board game gets its slot machine. You play various modes of slots to rake up points and earn your monopoly bucks. Players also complete various quests to build their cities and to acquire their properties. Play against other players at the Tycoon level to rise to the leaderboard. Even if you never got into the board game of Monopoly you will no doubt find this game challenging and fun to take on. Because again slots are simple to play with little rules to understand to play.

These are just some of the most popular downloaded slot machine games to place on your IOS device. Remember, though none of these offers real money payouts, sometimes just the thrill of being able to play the slots is its reward. Players just like the thrill of the fun of being challenged, even if the payments are virtual it is still fun none the less.