Tips to Playing Blackjack on iOS

Today’s discussion is about playing online Blackjack on iOS. I have found some useful tips for you to peruse and take into account the next time you play.

1)Pay Attention To What You Are Doing

Here is the deal, too many players assume(and with good reason) that hitting and standing are the only things they should concern themselves with. That might be true(to a certain degree). However, paying attention is one of the main keys to your success. Every mathematician worth his or her salt will tell you the exact same thing. Say, for example, you have a game that is on the level. You are not going to beat the odds in the long run(though many do try). The goal is to know when the streaks are happening. You are probably going to have equal parts of heads and tails in the coin toss. That is why you need to pay attention. That way you can try to predict what will happen and when.

2)The Deck of Cards

Let’s talk about the deck of cards. The idea is to choose games that have as few decks as possible. The best option you can have is the single-deck Blackjack game. However, the likelihood of that happening is not much. The reason is that most casinos do not offer those types of games. Some people like to resort to card counting(as I talked about in another article). The only issue with that is you cannot count cards playing online Blackjack on iOS. The reason is that the cards are automatically reshuffled The system uses an random generator to reshuffle everything after every hand. That makes it virtually impossible to count cards online. That is why you should try to learn the ropes using fewer decks(if you can find a game online like that). Learning the ropes might take you a bit longer, but you will turn more profit with your Blackjack game in iOS in the long run.


Make sure you look at the table on iOS before you play. Every table is going to offer something different. Say, for example, you have two tables you are debating over. One table is offering 3 to 2. The other is offering 6 to 5. Which one do you think is going to pay off better over time? I will give you two guesses, and the first two do not count! It is the 3 to 2 option. How many guess that? It just goes to show you that the answer is not always the obvious one. That is why you need to choose wisely. You cannot just pick a table that is random for online Blackjack.

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The Oscar-Betting System: What You Should Know

Here is the deal, something you need to know. There are many sites that “claim” to be able to beat the system. Please do not pay attention to this rhetoric. This is complete and utter nonsense. The reason is that everything is random(again, as stated above). There is no concrete way to beat a system based on random probability. That is why players need to spend their time focusing on the cards and the hands being dealt.

Money Management and Blackjack

This is where some people get confused. Some people assume that the two are not mutually exclusive. However, that would be where they are wrong. Managing your money correctly could lead to more success. Which is what brings us to the Oscar Betting system. I have the basic rules for applying this strategy below.

1) Did you win a hand? Increase your betting by one chip.

2) Did you lose a hand? You should try to play the same hand you just bet.

3) Once you have made some money, you should then withdraw from the game. Come back to start over again. What is the main point to this strategy? The overall goal is to limit your bankroll. You make enough to walk away successfully. it also helps you to reduce your losses and stop chasing the dragon(so to speak). Many players seem to think they can recoup their losses by chasing the dragon. The only problem with that is you will end up losing more money. The other benefit is the only money you risk is the money you brought in initially.

Some Other Tips and Tricks

1) Find the right casino online for Blackjack. Once again, you have many options, but only a few casinos will be the best fit for you. Choose wisely. Play safely. Research the casino you will use on iOS before you sign up. I cannot stress that enough. Do not be fooled by the “good offers” either. A lot of Blackjack casinos have good offers. What you want is the right offer.

2) Figure out your card strategy beforehand. You have to know when to hit or stand. You also have to know when to quit and walk away. Only a small majority of Blackjack players have mastered the craft of walking away at the right time. That is why they are successful.

3) What is your insurance strategy? Do you have one? Insurance is offered when the dealer is showing an Ace. The player can be about half of their initial wager to protect themselves. That choices is up to you. Make sure you are prepared for the win or loss by knowing if you want to take something or leave it.

4) Practice makes perfect. I know you have heard that a hundred times before, but it is true. It is like anything else in life. The more you practice something, the better you get.